The Gladstone Region is home to a thriving 21st Century industrial base served by one of Australia's busiest ports, the Port of Gladstone.

A major industrial cluster, where economic competitiveness is balanced with steadily improving environmental performance, Gladstone's development potential is underpinned by the 28,000 hectare Gladstone State Development Area (GSDA), which offers a range of development-ready sites, established infrastructure and growing possibilities for economic development to drive the region's sustainable growth. And with recent and continuing investment in the LNG industry, which is expected to play an increasingly important role in global energy markets over coming years, the Gladstone Region's strong industrial growth looks set to continue.


Gladstone Ports Corporation (GPC)

CQPA operates Queensland's largest multi-commodity port, managing export and import trades across twelve wharves. The port handles in excess of 67 million tones of cargo annually, moving over 30% of the state's exports and close to 10% of the nation's exports by volume. Gladstone Port is the fourth largest coal export in the world.

Queensland Alumina Limited (QAL)

QAL operates one of the world's largest Alumina Plant, refining some eight million tones of bauxite a year to produce 3.95 million tones of alumina (7% of the western world's demand). QAL is one of the State's most significant industrial giants.

NRG Power Station

NRG generates 1680 megawatts for the Boyne Smelter and the Queensland Electricity grid. The station commenced generation in August 1976. As the State's largest power station, it produces 15% of Queensland's electricity needs, and requires four million tones of coal a year.

RIO Tinto Aluminium Yarwun

CAR commenced operations at the end of 2004. This stage produces 1.4 million tone of alumina per annum. CAR is in still under construction with a further stage planned to continue to incorporate leading technology and environmental design features. More than 80% of the $1.4 billion construction cost of the refinery will be spent in Australia

Boyne Smelters Ltd (BSL)

BSL is Australia's largest aluminum smelter, currently producing more than 510,000 tones of alumina a year. Commenc-ing operations in 1982, BSL has since doubled its capacity and became one of the world's most tech-nologically advanced smelters. BSL produces about 20% of Australia's aluminum production and injects $350 million back into the local commu-nity for goods and services.

Cement Australia (QLD) Pty Ltd

Commencing in 1981, Cement Australia, processes limestone and clay to produce clinker as an ingredient in cement production with Australia's largest cement kiln. The plant has an annual production of 1.6 million tones a year.

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